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Some of the Best Cuban Restaurants in the New York City

When you are in the New York City and looking for Cuban food, you will be surprised to find that you have many good Cuban restaurants serving genuine Cuban cuisine. Some of them are extremely good and give you an entirely new experience in taking Cuban food that will not only fill your stomach but also your mind. Here are some of the places where you can go for eating the tasty and exquisite Cuban food, and they include:
Agozar restaurant at #324 Browery New York in the eastern village of the city. This offers the right ambient atmosphere for you and your family party with great Cuban food with its dim yet warm lighting. The Costillas, Pollo al Majo Cubana, Escabeche, etc. are some of the most popular of the menu items. If you want to spend a great evening sipping some of the best mojitos, like sagrito, caribeno or Papa Hemingway then this is one of the best Cuban restaurants in the great New York City. Here you can experience the most traditional flavors of the Cuban food in an ultra-modern environment.
Another good Cuban restaurant is the Amor Cubano Restaurant at #2018, Third Avenue in New York. This is a restaurant that also looks like a night club, and you will be served with some of the best Cuban food items that you will never forget like garlic laced Ropa Vieja, or fried Yucca and many delicacies containing the plain plantains. Apart from these, this Cuban restaurant offers many uncommon and rare Cuban delicacies like Lechon Asado popularly referred to as the marinated in love, or the Papi’s secret bitter Orange Mojo or the Vacca Friday with the shredded pieces of beef laced with a tasty piquant marinade. The range of appetizers available here includes the Garbanzos Fritos; smoked bacon laced with chickpeas. They have a great variety of cocktails of various rum with the pineapple, mango, coconut guava, etc. This is one of the Cuban restaurants that you can visit during your next weekend and indulge in a good variety of Cuban foods.
Another popular choice for good Cuban food in the center part of the New York City is the Cabana Restaurant situated at # 1022 Third Avenue, in the city of New York.  It is a place to go for a bite of the Cuban food amidst your shopping errands, and at the same time, it is a magnificent place for your parties also. This is a lively eating place offering a huge variety of Cuban Caribbean food in the Manhattan area, and the restaurant is always buzzing with activity and is colorful, and it is fun with a lot of unique dishes and tasty drinks to quench your hunger and thirst in style. This is one of the Cuban restaurants that offer good varieties of Sangria; Mojitos made of sugar cane or the Rope Vieja prepared with good chicken and best rice laced with onions, tomatoes, and pepper. If you are a lover of salads, I will tell you to find more varieties of them with fruits like cantaloupe, mango, etc. You can also go for the bacillus or shrimp fritters, or your favorite chicken wings or even the empanadas. This is the place where you can for your daily lunch, and you will find that this is one of the Cuban restaurants that is serving a wide variety of unique Cuban dishes with consistent and enhanced quality.
Café Coloradito on the Third Street at #210 is yet another of the Cuban restaurants in the New York City. If you want to eat genuine Cuban food, then this is the place to go which has a sound reputation for serving some of the finest Cuban food in the city of New York. Here the Cuban food served is a traditional Cuban flavor without much deviation from the original methods of Cuban cooking. The dining experience here is unique as you can begin your dinner with the Fried Yucca, and go on to the fingers with Coratadito salsa, or the famous Guaguanco salad or the much sought after avocado or pineapple. After this, you can go to the braised Oxtail or the grilled skirt steak along with the Chimichurri Salsa.

Cuba Restaurant is another of the restaurants where you can get the best of Cuban foods, and you can find this at #222, Thompson Street in the New York City. This restaurant offers the best of the Cuban food in an enjoyable environment adorned with striking images of the Cuban countryside. You get a big menu from the famed Cuban chef Marco Garcia and your dinner usually starts with braised pork belly with a sweet dollop of mashed plantains. This offers many types of seafood in the real Cuban flavor like the Cazuela marinara or the fillet of red snapper laced with a crunchy plantain crust Sofrito sauce.
These are some of the best Cuban restaurants in the New York City, and you can visit these to get the taste of the real Cuban food and feel its ecstasy fill your mind and stomach at the same time.

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