6 DIY Food for Kids You Should Try

1.DIY a sausage crab

diy crab

It is the easiest DIY food here. You need to get some sauages, and cut them into several piece. For each piece, you should cut it half first, and then, according to the second picture, cut the black line. Also, you need to pick some food to make the accessories of the “crab”. Let’s get start now!

2. DIY a orange crab

DIY orange crab

This one, you need to prepare some oranges and cherry. It is simple too! First, cut the orange into 4 piece just like the picture. Then, cut out the eatable part, and use the orange skin to make the “crab legs” (check the image!). Finally, put them together just like the last image! Your kids will love it!

3.DIY a watermelon shark!

diy shark watermalon

For this shark, you need to get a big watermelon and two blueberries. The blueberries are the eyes, if you want red eyes for the shark, you may use cherry or cranberry. It is up to you. Carefully cut the watermelon into 2 part, and keep only one part. Cut, cut, cut according to the image… You should take some time to cut the shark teeth, this part need some patience. Oh…remember to make a shark fin with tooth picks!

4. DIY a vegetable plate


Most kids don’t like to eat vegetables. Yours may have the same problem… So, we need to make some fun when eating vegetable. In the image, there are 4 types of vegetable plates which need cauliflower, broccoli, carrot,  green pepper and other greens.

5.DIY a christmas tree

DIY food green

This Christmas tree need you to buy or DIY some star shape cookies first. Remember to cut different shape from big to small. Then, put them together with green suger,  you may need some water to melt the suger so that you can stick them together! If you want, you can put a cherry or something red in the top, it will looks more beautiful!

6. DIY a strawberry cream cup

diy food ice creem

For this one, I think every kid loves to eat ice cream and strawberry! If you already have cream, it will be easy to put all of them together, but if you want to make the cream yourself, it may take some time to learn…

Also, we suggest you to DIY a plate with a heat press machine. A plate with cartoon will make the food looks more delicious! You can DIY the plate with your kids. Enjoy it!
heat press on plate

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