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Some of the Best Cuban Restaurant in the Miami City

Miami is a city of exceptional things and here you can find many good Cuban restaurants that take all efforts to offer you the best Cuban culinary special items on a daily basis. You need not have to search hard for Cuban restaurants as the city of Miami is dotted with many of them, and some of the best among them are given below:
The Enriqueta’s Sandwich Shop is one of the best Cuban restaurants in Miami city located on the 29th street, and it is more than a sandwich shop as it offers a full range of Cuban food specialties in the real Cuban way. The black beans perfectly seasoned and well-prepared biotech de Puerco gives you the right way of taking your breakfast. The Cuban way of cooking helps this restaurant in giving the authentic Cuban flavors in its menu items and served with lots love that makes you feel at home even when you are in Miami.
El Palacio de Los Jugos is another of the best Cuban restaurants in Miami that are very attractive for a wide variety of Cuban food like Torrejas, Agua De Coco, or items like fresh peanut butter. This restaurant offers a readymade list of foods where you can get the following Cuban food: rice, varieties of seafood, boiled yucca, many types of sandwiches, pork and more items of pork instantly with very minimum waiting time. So that you can be on your run after a good bite of Cuban food without losing much of your valuable time. This is very famous for its El Palacio de Los Jugos and the chicharron. These form some of the best types of fried pork you can find in the city of Miami. Taking a cup of fresh guar apo and baggie of chicharron with sips of sweet drinks along with bits of pork is the right way of enjoying the food at this joint. This way you will be able to feel the right taste of the Cuban food offered at this Espacio Cuban restaurant.
Another good place to get delectable Cuban food is the Islas Canarias near the /West Flagler which is considered to be one of the best Cuban restaurants in Miami. Here you can indulge in the exceptional taste and flavor of some of the best Cuban menus like Picadillo studded with green olives laced with rich doses of stewed tomatoes.  This place has many olden day things that make the dining experience in this restaurant a memorable one besides its large menu and unique yet traditional Cuban taste.
Morro Castle on the seventh street is another of the notable Cuban restaurants in Miami, and it is in existence since 1966. This family runs Cuban cafeteria cum restaurant is one of the most reliable sources of Cuban food in this part of the country. Here what you get is the affordable bistec de Palo Milla, Moro and the tostones that will make your taste buds tingle with happiness.  When you order Frita Cubana, you can find them frying the potatoes to order as each and every order they receive made from scratch. They use the highest possible quality ingredients and employ very healthy cooking techniques to give a cholesterol free food to you.
The Puerto Sagua on the Collins Avenue is yet another of the Cuban restaurants in Miami that are considered to be a good late – night food refuge by the locals. This is completely different from those high priced restaurants on the south beach as the food available at this Cuban restaurant is very affordable as well as they are of genuine Cuban taste. This is the perfect place for a sandwich Cubano or hearty picadillo, and hence you will like this place for repeated visits due to the unique experience offered by this Cuban restaurant.
If you want to find the best of the Cuban restaurants in the North Miami, then Little Havana is your ideal eating place in this part of the Miami city. If you love the pungent flavor and sour taste of tamarind, then you will simply love the unique taste of pork or chicken tamarind in the form of juicy cuts of meat served to you in a special sauce. The fried pork, bitter de Palomilla tamal con mojo, etc. are some of the classics of this Cuban restaurant. Though this seems to be a little higher on the price of the food items, you will be happy to shed a few dollars for the excellent service and other amenities available to you while you are in the restaurant.
Apart from these, we have many other good Cuban restaurants in Miami like the Villa Habana with best varieties of Cuban food like ropa vieja, chicharrón de Pollo and vaca fruit etc. or the Chicos Restaurant for the best of lechón asado, chuletas, rabo encendido. The La Rosa Restaurant with a solid and genuine Cuban food with a classy ambiance.
Thus, you have many good Cuban restaurants in Miami, and you can find all the right menu items of the Cuban and Caribbean cuisine served to you with love and attention.

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