Must-Try Cuban Restaurants

Top 5 Must-Try Cuban Restaurants in America

Finally, the rest of the country seems to be catching on to the amazingness that is Cuban cuisine. Bright, flavorful and fun, it reflects the completely charismatic culture of Cuba. In America, Miami and Tampa have long been in the running as hot spots for some of the most incredible Cuban cuisine. Here are 5 of the most must-try Cuban restaurants in America beyond Florida.

1. 90 Miles Cuban Café – Chicago, IL
Here, you’re encouraged to “Taste the Forbidden” from a handful of traditional and perfectly executed Cuban dishes. Try one of the house specialties like roasted pork (Puerco Rostizado), Marinated Steak (Bistec de Palomilla), and oxtail in red sauce (Rabo Encendido). You can’t get wrong with the sandwiches either. This unpretentious place welcomes you in for counter service seating and encourages you to BYOB. Thanks to its welcoming atmosphere, it’s always at maximum capacity, but it’s worth the wait.

2. Cuban Pete’s – Montclair, NJ
Gorgeous décor painstakingly created to make diners feel as though they’ve gone back in time to a different era in Havana. And the food brings so much more to the table with traditional dishes and incredible tapas. The tapas here give you one of the best ways to sample all kinds of Cuban dishes. Plus, they have a sangria bar. Need we say more?

3. Pambiche – Portland, OR
It’s Cuban comfort food served up with genuine Cuban hospitality. Warm and welcoming, the food here reflects the atmosphere with dishes like arroz con pollo and Lengua en Salsa. Wholly satisfying on every level, it’s a must-try for sure.

4. Alma de Cuba – Philadelphia, PA
The owner grew up in Miami and transported everything he knew with him to Philly. It’s a trendy spot with a lit up bar and a chill dining room, very much like the kinds of lovely places you’ll find in Miami. The dishes here are more modern spins on traditional Cuban cuisine with a flair of Caribbean and Latin influence. Crispy roast pork (Lechon Asado) is incredible, as are the sea scallops. So many interesting dishes pop off the menu including the whole roasted branzino, giving diners an electrical experience.

5. Paseo – Seattle, WA
The Cuban sandwiches here are legendary. But wait! It’s much more going for it than just sandwiches. The pork you’ll find in these sandwiches is heavenly, almost melting in your mouth. You can get it outside of sandwich form too. Plus, platters of shrimp or scallops in Paseo’s own famed red sauce are hard to beat. Lines flow well out the door and once inside, it’s very easy to see why people will stand outside hungry, knowing that the wait is so completely worth it.


Must-Try Cuban Restaurants
Must-Try Cuban Restaurants
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