Cuban Restaurants

Top 10 Cuban Restaurants in the US

Floridians have long enjoyed the melting pot of tastes they get with every bite of Cuban food. Miami, in particular, has more Cuban restaurants than you can shake a stick at. Even if you’re not Cuban and you live in Miami, you learn what makes good Cuban food. There are so many places, and everyone has their favorite. But for those that venture out of state, they might get a little homesick for those bright flavors that Cuban food is so revered for. And for those people, when you’re traveling around the country, you can take heart, because Cuban people love to spread their love with their incredible food around.

With this sharing of Cuban culture and food, more and more Cuban restaurants outside of Miami are landing on the list of top Cuban restaurants. But of course, no one can knock Miami off the charts. Here are the top 10 Cuban restaurants in the US.

1. El Palacio De Los Jugos
One of the best destinations in Miami for Cuban food is this family-friendly place. You get heaping portions for tiny prices. One of the best bets here is the Lechon Asado. Another can’t miss dish is the Pescado de Aguja, a remarkable fish dish that’s so fresh, you can taste it.

2. Havana 1957
It’s a classic Cuban establishment tucked into the fancy Coral Gables neighborhood. The traditional flavors pouring off the menu along with the décor that transports you back to Cuban in the 1950s will give you one of the most unforgettable Cuban dining experiences ever. It’s a classy place that still feels inviting and comfortable. Sit down to a traditional Cuban breakfast or dive into Pollo a la plancha (grilled chicken with onion), delectable desserts made in-house, and don’t forget to grab a drink from the full liquor bar.

Cuban Restaurants
Cuban Restaurants

3. Puerto Sagua
Out on trendy South Beach in Miami, you can skip all the fancy places and head to Puerto Sagua, where you’ll get authentic Cuban comfort food at its finest. It’s famed for shrimp in garlic sauce as well as Cubano sandwiches. Plus, it’s open very late making it a prime choice for late night munchies after hours.

Cuban Restaurants
Cuban Restaurants

4. La Caridad
Outside of Miami, way outside, over in Los Angeles, you’ll find this gem that started way back in the 1960s. It’s known for one of the best servings of ropa vieja on the west coast, perfectly simmered in tomato sauce and shredded. Other fantastic eats greet you here, so there’s no chance of having a bad Cuban meal at La Caridad.

Cuban Restaurants
Cuban Restaurants

5. Porto’s Bakery and Cafe
Another California entry that also came about back in the 1960s, this establishment has several locations throughout Southern California where you can get your fix on with authentically-crafted Cuban pastries. Guava-filled goodness, fired potato balls and some of the best café con leche you’ve ever tasted are all here for the taking.

Cuban Restaurants
Cuban Restaurants

6. Victor’s Café
This family-owned New York City Cuban eatery has reflected the changing times through the Cuban cuisine offered here. You’ll find classic Cuban dishes as well as some innovative combinations that will bring you back time and time again. Celebrities love to frequent this place, known for exceptional gazpacho and custards, among other things.

7. Cuba Cuba
This Denver, Colorado Cuban restaurant tastes just like something straight from Miami. While its menu isn’t large, the classic is all there like Lechon Asado, ropa vieja, and vaca frita. The prices are extremely reasonable and even this far from Cuba, they know how to make a Cubano the right way. It’s probably the best thing to happen to Denver.

8. Cafe Piquet
Over in Texas, something majestic happens when you serve Cuban food there. Because Cuban food is typically served in gigantic portions and Texas food is also served in the same way, what you get is enough food for an army! While the menu here isn’t as large as the platefuls of food you receive, everything is done exceptionally well. The picadillo here is out of this world. Try it!

9. Florida Café
Over in Vegas, you’ll have to search very hard to find this Cuban restaurant. Find it, and you’ll be treated to all kinds of Cuban delights for the senses. The menu is large and bursting with traditional favorite. Among them, Bistec de Palo Milla is done perfectly. It’s so tender you can cut it with your fork and has the perfect balance of mojo flavor. Other popular dishes to try here are the Pollo de la plancha and the Pollo Asado. Both chicken dishes are cooked just right so you’re getting a moist and tender chicken breast that hasn’t dried out.

10. Habana Cuba
It was named one of the “Top 50 Best Spanish Restaurants” by Hispanic Magazine. With that kind of accolades, you know they’re doing Cuban food right. A simple menu means that great focus, care and effort go into the dishes that are offered. Everything is made to order. Try the Masitas. It’s so juicy and tender you don’t even need to cut it. Tamales are also done well here, and while the Cubano sandwich is tasty, the bread isn’t authentically Cuban. But if you can overlook it, you can find a fantastic Cuban meal in San Jose.

Where is your favorite Cuban restaurant located? In or outside of Miami, we’d love to hear about it and why you think it is the best choice for Cuban cuisine!

Cuban Restaurants
Cuban Restaurants us
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