Cuban restaurant in Miami

Impeccable Cuban Cuisine at Little Havana in Miami

It’s hard not to find a good Cuban restaurant in Miami, often described as Cuba outside of Cuba. But when you want one of the best, you’ve got to try Little Havana in North Miami. Located on Biscayne Boulevard, it’s easy enough to find. Once inside, it’s a fairly cavernous place that welcomes you in with the wafting scents of the heavenly Cuban food drawing you further in.

Sit down and enjoy some sangria with your meal. It were strong and made with fresh fruit. And unlike most things in Miami, it’s not overpriced. Mojitos are made well here too if you’d prefer a different flavor. And of course, they’ve got a handle on curves if you’d rather a beer.

Complementary Cuban bread is served with your meal but tries not to fill up on that, or you’ll be taking plenty of food from your meal home with you for leftovers. Not that that’s a bad thing, but the authentic Cuban dishes are what you came for, right?

The shrimp in garlic sauce is a wonderful way to start off. Use that Cuban bread to sop up every last drop of that sauce. For entrees, the lamb shank never disappoints. It’s cooked to perfect, almost melting in your mouth with every bite. The oxtail in wine sauce is a savory treat for the senses. The chicken Havana style is one of their signature dishes and is something you must try. But don’t forget the whole fried snapper, a Cuban delight. Crispy on the outside and moist, flavorful fish on the inside make this an incredible dish.

The menu goes well beyond these offerings with a bounty of choices from land and sea. Of course, you simply must save room for dessert too. Ideally, you’ve gone with a group of friends and family so you can share all these resplendent tastes with one another. The guava cheese flan is uniquely delicious, as are the other plan offerings. Tres leches is another classic dessert done proper justice here.

All in all, Little Havana offers a brilliant slice of Cuban tastes to Miamians and visitors alike. When in Miami, make sure you visit Little Havana for a truly authentic Cuban dining experience.

Cuban restaurant in Miami
Cuban restaurant in Miami
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